I was originally just going to tag all the entries that had nothing to do with Future CLG as delete, but today I decided I would redirect them all here instead and explain what is going on.

This wiki was originally created in 2019 on August 9 by the user Arik069. It was originally created as the Fandom-2 wiki for an unknown possibly general purpose. But when it was created, the user changed the name to Future CLG Wikia. Now I don't know why and the user left by the end of the month and never returned. The user was subsequently banned across the Fandom network at an unknown time.

In the meantime this Wiki was invaded by another user, James1961. This user started adding material that had nothing to do with CLG's (short for catalog - and an image format) but rather seemingly fanon material that was all over the place. Consequently another three users came along, all following the original users lead. Of the four - three have now been banned across the Fandom network as well. The one remaining has been informed about this invasion. My arrival has dragged that invasion under control.

All entries that redirect here have nothing to do with either CLG or the original purpose whatever that was.

Under normal circumstances a wiki created for a false purpose would be deleted. But I had an idea - turning this wiki into a world events wiki. No restrictions as long as the event is well known - political, sporting, natural disaster, man made disaster and so on. I have as of the date of this blog entry created the base for notable events like the current Coronavirus pandemic, the JFK assassination and entries about individual Olympic Games. The idea is to keep the actual events to the facts a la Wikipedia, but allow sections in the entry (instead of the comments) for individual reflections. This is where - for example - conspiracy theories can be put about JFK. Let people say what they think in the article - after the core of it of course.

If anyone has any objection to my plans, you have time to speak out. I will be applying to adopt this Wiki at the appropriate time but I don't know when. It will however be in 2020.

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